So Marie-Anne comes home and announces, "I got you a new belt at Wally World to replace that ugly one you're wearing."

"But I like the one I's all broken in and, well, it holds my pants up."

Eventually, I relented and wore the belt. First to Sunday's wedding show at the armory. Nice, shiny, stiff and new.

I wore it again Monday when I came here to play on the Moose Morning Show.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the show, I needed to tuck my shirt in so I loosened the belt and tucked in.

The normal procedure for this quick adjustment is: Loosen, tuck, tighten, buckle. This morning, it all ended during the "tighten" stage.

As I pulled that belt to that sweet spot where the prong slips into the perfect hole on the belt, something let go. My "pulling" hand flew off to the side, striking the wooden counter and making me say "ouch!"

The belt buckle had pulled completely off of the belt breaking off the leather (or leather-like) material, rendering the belt useless.

So, how was your morning?