One of my favorite guys is Greg Glynn.  I met Greg because he works for Marshall Communications in Augusta. But if you are friends with Greg on Facebook you know he and his wife Cindy have a charming daughter named Kelsey. Kelsey is 8. This year with the Trek Across Maine is a virtual event as opposed to the 180 being done in three days over Father's Day weekend as it has been traditionally done that means there were some kids involved. According to Newcenter, there was a 7-year-old and a 15-year-old too.

Kelsey and her dad have been riding together since the spring and wrapped up the 180 miles on Sunday in Brunswick with a BIG FINISH! It was VERY sweet. I heard that when she started this a few months ago she was even still using her training wheels. But clearly, she has mastered her bike and is just fine on the two wheels.

Even more impressive Kelsey raised $275 on her own for the Trek. Way to go Kelsey!
I was read on that all the money raised this year which normally would go to the American Lung Association will be going to COVID-19 research.

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