You can expect Christmas 2020 to be way different than any Christmas in recent history.  It'll be way different in so many ways.

While many of us will have a traditional Christmas dinner, at home, with the family, there are people who will celebrate in a much different way this year.  Maybe, out of concern for older family members, they won't be making the trip home.  Or maybe, instead of having a meal for ten people, you are only eating with the three people in your immediate family.

Whatever the reason, these local restaurants have you covered.  And, even if you are planning a full Christmas dinner at home, these places are here for breakfast or lunch.


Just keep in mind, you may need to make reservations.

Lisa's Restaurant -Located on Bangor Street in Augusta, will be open all day.

IHOP - Will be open for dine-in service from 7 am - 2 pm.

Great Wall Buffet - Located off Civic Center Drive in Augusta - Take out ONLY

Canton Express -  Located on Bangor Street in Augusta - Take out & Delivery

Eastern Delight - Located at 264 Eastern Ave, Augusta - Take out

Aunt Gins- Located at 48 Augusta Rd in Whitefield- Dine-in service

Lucky Garden- Located at 218 Water Street in Hallowell - Take out

Denny's - Located on Civic Center Drive in Augusta - Open 24/7 365 days a year!

O'Brien's Pub & Restaurant -Located at the Best Western Plus in Waterville - Open for dine-in service. Breakfast from 7 am-11 am & dinner from 4 pm-8 pm.


Do you know of any restaurants that we missed but will be open on Christmas day? Please send us a message through our FREE APP and let us know!

Christmas is my favorite day of the entire year. It's the one holiday that I typically don't like to add the stressors of cooking a big dinner too. So, we have made it a tradition to go out for Christmas dinner; less stress equals a much more enjoyable experience for all parties involved (especially those who are expected to eat what I've cooked).

This year we are changing it up, and instead of going out to dinner, we're going to order some takeout or delivery, grab paper plates and not have to worry about the dinner prep or dishes that follow our yummy feast. Now it might not be what we expected the Christmas of 2020 to look like, but we're gonna look at the glass half full and call it a win-win. 

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