As March closes and not a moment too soon, April is almost here. A month where hopefully the weather will improve, I mean it has to right? Cabin fever, Spring fever, call what you will but not far away are trips to the beaches and within an hour or so are a few great ones.

I'm not one to really swim in the water as even in August I find the ocean too cold but certainly lying out and watching the kids play is a great day. What are your favorite local beaches?

For a picnic and play, we as a family will hit Popham near Bath. Popham isn't overly touristy as there are few amenities but it has a lot to offer. You do have to get there early on a nice day as others like me know what a beautiful beach it is. If you like history there is an old fort if you're willing to walk from the most populated part of the beach located around the parking area. The walk one way is about 45 minutes in the sand with kids in tow. Popham Beach is part of a State Park and so is admission.

Another beach we like and one where I will swim is Range pronounced "rang" Pond. Range Pond is in Poland and is only about 10 minutes from Auburn where we live and is a great place for a morning dip. Range Pond like Popham Beach is part of part of the State Park system, so there is a small admission.

The other place we go is Old Orchard Beach. This beach needs no real write up as everyone knows about it. It's a great place to people watch, grab some take-out, go on a few rides at Palace Playland and lay out. Very touristy and can be costly. To park all day close to the beach can cost upwards of $15-$20.

My favorite beach to go without kids is Hampton Beach located in New Hampshire. I haven't been there in a long time. It's somewhat like Old Orchard without the theme park. Along the strip there are boutiques and gift shops along with food venders, bars, etc. Parking is at a premium but everywhere you look there is eye candy.

For the State Parks, you can get a season pass through your state income tax form or in this link. If you utilize the pass it can be a great deal!