The Portland Sea Dogs are evolving with the times and now offering a room for new mothers to nurse, according to News Center Maine.

Allison Casiles, the director of promotions at Hadlock Field found a way to make new mothers more comfortable and feed their babies without shame, as the article states. 

This way, when a woman who needs to breastfeed will be able to do so with options for their security and comfortability.

Nursing caregivers are able to nurse wherever they feel comfortable, but we also wanted to offer more options for them

Allison Casiles

Allison partnered up with Tuff Shed, who is the leading supplier of storage buildings and garages, according to their website. She is making sure that moms will have privacy and she has worked to provide a shed with a lock to retreat to without worry to breastfeed.

It is evident that Allison is a compassionate person who thinks not only of herself but others and what there needs are. She went above and beyond for these mothers and  brought in supplies from home as well, including a rug, curtains, a couch from her own house to offer a pleasant experience.

Because of her effective ability to help others and not look the other way, the shed is now open and it is said from the article to be used several times every game.

Allison wants to continue to add to the space to make it better like painting, adding a changing table and an AC unit, as the article states.

Being able to offer this I think just makes it that much more enjoyable to go to a Sea Dogs game

Allison Casiles

This is a historic situation and Allison is setting a remarkable precedence but making Hadlock Field the first professional sports venue in the state of Maine to offer a space for nursing moms. That is according to a post on the Sea Dogs' official Facebook post.

According to the article, the team said nobody will be shamed for feeding their babies in the stands or elsewhere in the stadium. The new shed is simply for those who wish to use it. The team said it strives to have a family-friendly park and support every step of parenthood.

Nursing caregivers are welcome to feed their child wherever they feel comfortable while at the park, but we are happy to be the first to provide a private space other than a bathroom for those that prefer that option.

Sea Dogs

Improving life for everyone while at your venue is so commendable and it seems like this is not the last we will hear about Allison Casiles. Go girl.

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