One of the benefits or working for the company that puts on the huge events, like Riverside Flavorfest, is that I frequently get the opportunity to 'sample' a lot of food and drink! This weekend was no exception and I got to try TWO new beers that I've never had before. First of all, let me just say, I have a special place in my heart for local craft brews. Thresher Brewing, a local brewery located in Searsmont, had to handles on our draught truck this weekend so I just had to have a taste! I started off by trying the Brown Ale which was awesome. Talk about a full flavor delicious dark ale.. Not too hoppy, not to bitter, but just the right amount of flavor to keep you wanting another swig. After that, I tried the Ponderosa. A little bit lighter amber ale with a gentle flavor and very smooth to drink. According to their website, it's their most popular brew! Both beers were epic in flavor and I can't wait to go down and see the place first hand.. I'm sure they have plenty of other beers that I'll need to "sample" ;)

My recommendation- If you are a beer lover, in particular a craft beer lover, there are 0 reasons why you shouldn't be indulging in some of the amazing flavors that Thresher Brewing Company has to offer!

Skip to 4:05 in the video to see Brittany + me try some Brown Ale!