As you’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, Thursdays are ‘Throwback Thursdays’ or #tbt. What is one of your funny stories from the past? Keep it clean.

This story is one that was told at my wedding reception of all places in 2000. We’re flashing back to 1980 to maybe 1982. Every summer Mom, my sister and I would go to Rhode Island and stay at my Great Uncle Les and Aunt Muriel's who both sadly passed away in the spring of 2011.

We’d go down and my Uncle, Aunt and cousin would come up from Maryland and all eight of us would spend a couple of weeks in Wickford/North Kingstown on the Narragansett.

Uncle Les had a boat and if the weather was nice we’d all go out and go over to Jamestown, Newport or just out in the bay a bit for a swim. So anyway, for the story we’re out anchored and swimming off the boat and after a few sodas and I had to “go.” My uncle gave me a 5 gallon bucket and well went. I asked him what I should do, should I throw it overboard, he said, “yes” I again asked, "do you mean the whole thing," he said of course, why would I want to save any?” So overboard went the whole bucket. He made me jump after it to get it if my memory serves or he might have pulled the anchor and went to it and had me pull the bucket up, it was over 30 years ago. It's a story because my aunt Muriel was a big conservationist.

Uncle Les was my best man and at the reception he told that story. Sometimes you never live things down.

Those summers in Rhode Island are some of my favorite memories. Too bad four of the original eight have now passed away but I’ll always cherish those days and hold them dear. The seaweed fights in the back yard, playing pool in the yacht club, the endless amount sugary drinks, dinners out, clambakes, Roger Williams Zoo, Mystic Aquarium, Block Island and Newport mansions to name a few adventures and good times. Truly, nothing is further than 15 minutes away when you’re in Rhode Island.

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