UGH it is that time of the year...tick time. Ugh. I hate ticks. I hate the diseases they carry. I have lost my beloved CoffeeDog due to complications from lyme. I have a friend who lost her Mom to anaplasmosis. I have lyme and co-infections. So on this matter...I have some issues.

No pun intended...ticks suck!

To make matters even worse these little blood sucker are TINY. Like poppy seed tiny. Take a look at that above photo from the CDC. The ticks are the poppy seed sized little things with legs. (My skin is crawling to even write that!)

The best way to avoid any the hassles of the these vector borne diseases for you and your pets is to just don't get them.  Sounds simple, right?  It gets easier with some knowledge and vigilance. Check out this info from the CDC.

Renee Pro Tip:  Get a tick spoon!  You can find them for free at many health fairs and they are only a few dollars to pick up at the store.  They are super easy to use and do a great job. GET. A. TICK. SPOON.  Oh and make sure you check yourself and pets daily.

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