When an app has been wildly successful, you think about how to tap into a rival app's success. When that wildly successful app could be banned by the United States government, leaving the app's 30 million users with no way to share their shot videos, you get your act together and get YOUR app out ASAP.

That new app is Instagram Reels to take on TikTok.  

The push is coming from Facebook, who owns Instagram. Like any smart business, they are keeping an eye on the competition and how to offer something to make users happy. That is how we ended up with Facebook and Instagram stories. It was to take on Snapchat.

According to NBC News, Reels will be like TikTok. You can make little videos using music or other user's remixes, all hoping to be a 'featured Reels.' Reels was launched last year in Brazil and was recently rolled out in a few other nations. 

 TikTok could have a problem since the United States has concerns about the TikTok gathering information and sharing it with China. That is 30 million users in the United States who need an outlet for all those little videos. 

TikTok is also regarded by many as a huge security concern for kids personal security and a "pedophile magnet"  according to Healthy Holistic Living.

So at the very least, it will be some competition for TikTok, and if the United States does take steps to ban the app, it will leave a massive opening for a similar. 

So I just grabbed my phone and when to Instagram, and I did not see Reels…yet. 

According to Tech Crunch, Reels would be added for US users in early August.

The word from the New York Times is Microsoft is trying to buy TikTok to make it a US company and that might get President Trump to back off the threat to ban TikTok in the United States.

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