Well, it looks like tonight IS the night. The City of Augusta Dog Park committee appointments is on the agenda. It has been a fascinating journey to this point. It has taken a while. Like everything, the group needed to find the right people to talk with to get the ball rolling. Then the process was interesting. One would think that this is only a committee to help manage and keep an eye on the Augusta Dog Park. That should be a no brainer. If the council all votes 'yes,' we move along. The plan has been spoken about at a couple of city council meetings, now tonight those who have agreed to be on the ADP board are asking for council approval. Frustrating at times, but that is the beauty of it too. There was the chance for others to learn about it and speak up if they wanted. No one can say this was just "pushed through".  People asked what might have seemed to be very picky questions. As I waited at some of those meeting, listening to the councilor deal with other issues, I felt, "this is taking forever." I am also, thankful. I am a tax payer in Augusta and I'm thankful the councilors are asking questions and picking things apart from every angle. It is those picky questions, looking at every little detail on things that will (hopefully) save Augusta problems in the long run on what ever issues are is in front of the Augusta City Council.

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