I should start this off by sharing the passion I have for architecture. If I could take a walk through the ancient Acropolis in Greece and feel the energy of those you constructed it long ago, I'd be super pleased. I may not come off as an architecture-y type of woman, but we all have secrets.

The most commonly built houses in Maine are ranch style houses, according to Fortin Construction. Followed by colonials, split levels and capes.

I grew up in a colonial and have loved them ever since. The layout and open rooms are so inviting. They are big and beautiful and have a comfortable, cozy quality to them. I love when a staircase greets you at the door. Hello stairs.

They're are different style colonials modern, Victorian, new, old, traditional. I like new and contemporary style colonials.

No matter which style you favor, their are certainly colonials for sale here in Maine and if you're a colonial-lover like me, I invite you to dream with me below as you graze my gallery of houses. I found 10 colonials all throughout Maine that I like, some are move-in-ready and some need a bit of renovations.

They will differ from a lot of money to a butt-load of money but if you dream it, you can buy it.

Top 10 Most Glorious Colonials for Sale in Maine

Top 10 Most Glorious Colonials for Sale in Maine

Colonials are my favorite style of house and I wanted to share the top colonials I have found currently for sale, in Maine!

$2M Maine House

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