If you travel with gear, like fancy high priced cameras and computers or you just hate stripping down at the scanner, this might be worth it for you.  It is the TSA Pre-Check.

It will cost you $85 for five years for this service.

First, you apply for an appointment. You then show up for a short appointment where you answer some questions, agree to a background check and being fingerprinted.  You literally get pre-screened.

At some airports and certain times of day there are even TSA Pre-Check lines open. Your pre-screen number gets printed on your ticket so it is there when you head to TSA. The TSA Pre-Check can make things quicker for you on many occasions BUT it is not a total free pass.  You still have get to your gate through a secure area and you are still subject to their security measures, all travelers will be screened (you are pre-screened but your carry on needs to be scanned) and remember...you are not guaranteed expedited screening.

According to the TSA.gov website, in August 2018, 94% of TSA Pre✓®passengers waited less than 5 minutes and over 200 airports and 54 airlines provide TSA prescreening.

What do you think?  Is it worth it?

If you travel more on an international basis (umm...lucky you!) check out the TSA.gov website for info hour you can make that a little easier.

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