I know what you're thinking. "This doesn't look like Tupac!". Well, you're wrong. This IS indeed Tupac Shakur, just not the world-famous rapper who died years ago (allegedly). Realistically, the only reason this meth user from Tennessee is making national news is because of his name. He was arrested and is in jail in Washington County, Tennessee.

While heading to the report of a man with warrants from a different county on Saturday, officers said they saw Shakur in a vehicle.The vehicle was turning away just as they saw it. When authorities noticed it a second time, Shakur was sitting in the passenger’s seat.They attempted to take him into custody, but he pulled away and put his hand in his waistband.


He pulled out a knife. Authorities said Shakur tried to turn towards officers with his weapon but they almost immediately tackled him. Both sides struggled with the other but the skirmish ended with Shakur in handcuffs. Authorities said they found baggies of meth and syringes in Shakur’s possession. They charged him with simple possession of meth, resisting arrest, aggravated assault and unlawful drug paraphernalia.