Researchers at the University of Vermont looked at 10 million tweets, to see how often people used happy words . . . like love, beauty, hope, wonderful, and rainbow. We here in Maine fared pretty darned well and, in spite of our ten months of winter, we're pretty happy :-)

Based on that super-scientific criteria, here are the five happiest states in the U.S.:

1) Hawaii
2) Maine
3) Nevada
4) Utah
5) Vermont

And here are the five happiest cities:

1) Napa, California
2) Longmont, Colorado
3) San Clemente, California
4) Santa Fe, New Mexico
5) Santa Cruz, California

They also looked at where people used sad words . . . like hurt, ugly, hate, mad, and lied. Here are the saddest states in the U.S.:

1) Louisiana
2) Mississippi
3) Maryland
4) Delaware
5) Georgia

And here are the five saddest cities:
1) Beaumont, Texas.
2) Albany, Georgia.
3) Texas City, Texas.
4) Shreveport, Louisiana.
5) Monroe, Louisiana

Just after Hawaii, huh? They call it happiness...I think it's apathy.