I recently wrote an article announcing this new cream that has hit the shelves of L.L Bean It is called Soothing Hydrationg Cream but it has a very special Maine ingredient. Lobster. I had to try to get my claws on it.

It's lobster lotion and as I said in my article, I was super curious to what the smell would be like?

Made by the great people at Marin Skincare, who created this after discovering lobster glyoproteins could repair the skin barrier in the same way lobsters regenerate limbs. The cream deeply hydrates, repairs, soothes, and smoothes the skin barrier and does not care you to grow any extra claws.

So, naturally, I had to rub it all over my co-host, Matt James.

Marin Skincare sent us a box of their soothing hydrating cream and we went crazy with it. It's good to also note that when the box initially came in, I started using it right away and when I tell you that it's heaven in a bottle, it is.

It has very little aroma, just clean, fresh and incredible.

It's not oily, not watery, not greasy, it's everything they claim. This rare find is incredible. Who would have thought that partnering up with a lobster company and using the juices that normally go down the drain would be beneificial to your skin? Marin did.

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If you want to try Marin Skincare's famous Lobster Lotion visit their Facebook page. 

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