It always seems like we have super-weird animal stories here in Maine. And, at least most of the time, it seems like those stories involve animals that shouldn't be out roaming around, out roaming around.

WABI TV 5 is reporting that, for the second time this year, six giant Bison have escaped their enclosure at a farm in the Northern Maine town of Fort Fairfield. And, as silly bison will often do, once they realized they were free, they decided to hit the town. I mean, who is gonna try and stop them, right? They're freakin' bison for crying out loud.

These same bison, who had escaped back in February, once again got out of their pens over the weekend and took off. It was around 9pm on Saturday when officials say the bison broke free and fled their Maine home.

As of yesterday (Monday) at least one of the wayward bison (bisons?) (beeson) (what is the plural, just bison?) had been returned back to its enclosure by the owner. However, there are still five bison that are out and about living their best life in Fort Fairfield, Maine.

Police say that people who may be travelling in the area on Maine's Route 1A should use extra caution as the roaming bison may suddenly enter the roadway without notice. Additionally, police say that if you happen to look out on your lawn and see some wildlife, you know, like a friggin' bison, that you should not approach them.

Instead of approaching them, residents are being asked to call the Maine Wayward Bison Hotline, or MWBH, at 1-800-Just-Kidding. No, for real though, if you happen to catch a bison out in your petunias, give Fort Fairfield Police a call at (207) 472-3808.


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