In December of 2014, the Verso Paper Mill, which had been around (under various names) since the early 1930s, closed.  The mill's closure put over 500 people out of work and left a significant impression of the town's economy.

Now, one of the most-visible parts of the mill, is coming down.

According to the Bucksport Police Department Facebook page, the big smoke stack at the old Verso Mill in Bucksport will be demolished tomorrow (October 29th) morning.  The demo will take place sometime between 6 AM and 10 AM

You can watch the stack's destruction from just across the river at Fort Knox.  The fort will be open, at no charge

Due to safety concerns, no one will be able to view the demolition from the old mill's perimeter.

A company named Whole Oceans is in the process of turning the old mill into a sustainable aquaculture salmon farm.

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