Waterville Community Land Trust is an exciting new organization that is working to rebuild communities one home at a time. Their hope is to accomplish the goal by combating neighborhood deterioration, promoting neighborhood preservation and improvement, through the responsible use and management of land.

The Directors of WCLT are looking to bring single-family home ownership back to Waterville. According to their website, "Once the city's homes were predominantly owner-occupied but now, over 53% of the city's homes are rented! Such a disproportionate number of rentals has caused disinvestment in many neighborhoods resulting in higher rates of foreclosure, abandonment, and poor maintenance.

Director Daniel Eccher joined us on the Moose Morning Show. Hear the interview below.

Real estate values have crashed in these neighborhoods and, even though homes may be inexpensive, the cost of renovation or converting multiple units back to single family homes is too expensive for most folks. Many are forced to rent when they would love to own their own home."

You can help WCLT purchase their first home that they will renovate and sell it at an affordable price to a family.

Their plan is to focus on one neighborhood at a time, so their work will create an incentive for others to invest in their properties.

WCLT is looking at raising $2500 towards the purchase of their first house and at this time only until May 1 to complete the acquisition.

You can help at their fundraising page.

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