We are at home for at least the next month. But we still have certain needs like food, gas, your medications, meeting certain obligations and you can do all of this and still take some control and keep you and your loved ones safe as possible.

Here is a list from CNN on how to "coronavirus-proof your home".  There are some interesting things.  One of them is about disinfects. Here is more about those.  I don't know about you but disinfecting sprays and wipes are unicorns nowadays. But you can make your own disinfectant with bleach. I am more of a vinegar and water girl but I will heed the advice of the experts.  Here is what the "coronavirus-proof your home" had to say:

If you don’t have disinfectants, make a bleach solution:
-Mix four teaspoons bleach per quart of water; or
-Use a 70% alcohol solution

I WAS able to find some bleach. Now here is a little tidbit they did not share and this is from Clorox about bleach and how long that bleach water will be effective. Mix smaller amounts and make it more often. Once it is mixed it will start to degrade and will not as much punch as it did when you first mixed it up. I have a variety of times...someday 24 hours...but Clorox site indicated it would be a couple of days. Bleach also has an expiration date so check that as well the older it is the less potent it will be.

According to the CDC when you use bleach water, let it sit for a minute before you wipe it.  Let is do its job.

NEVER mix bleach with ammonia (or other cleaners) you can make a dangerous mix.  Mix bleach with water and nothing else. NEVER!

I will be making a new batch because I want to do a deep cleaning on everything today. I will make a new little batch every other day.  I will make a new batch on days I do any grocery shopping and wipe things down as they come into the house.  

Bleach water is cheap and easy but only effective if you use it right.

Here is a bunch of info from the CDC on keeping things clean.

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