Sure, the title was a little wordy, but that's exactly what we did. We figured that with a new baby on the way and an almost 2 year old at home, it would make sense for us to get him a baby doll for Christmas so that he can learn how to be gentle and caring when the real deal arrives sometime in July.

If you're thinking about doing this for your little one I would tell you to start early. So far Gavin has chucked the baby over the gate and down the stairs, run him over with the crazy coupe car, fallen asleep on his head, tried to get Rambo (our Great Dane) to play tug of war with it and thrown him in the trash.


Yesterday seemed to be a breakthrough, though. Gavin wanted to take his baby for a ride in the car instead of under it, and even wanted to change the baby's diaper because he 'pooped'. Seems to me like he's all set to start baby sitting!

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