As I watch the manhunt continue on TV in my Red Sox hoodie on 'Wear Boston' Day, I ask myself what I can do to help?  I’m not an EMT, I don’t even know CPR. Then it hit me, I could donate blood and to be brutally honest, I never have. I attempted to give once, but got too scared go through with it.

My attempt came back in 1998-1999,  but after the tech got about a cup out of me, I panicked and freaked, so she took the IV out. It was just before a 12-hour shift of manual labor too, so I was worried I’d be lightheaded and tired all night. I always felt kind of wimpy for doing that.

I always told myself I would try to give blood again, I just have always been nervous I’d pass out. Next chance, when there is an American Red Cross blood drive close to either work or my house, I will attempt again.

Give if you’re able, maybe we can go together? There is a blood drive in Lewiston on April 23 at Central Maine Medical Center. Here is a list of blood drives.  Also, remember to keep those you love close and give them hug.