A ‘Speed Trap’ or an ‘Focused Enforcement Detail’, what you call it all depends on how you feel about them. I found this interesting story on News 13.  There is a website,  Speedtrap.org, that is a place to find, share, and discuss speed traps.

The story has a representative from the website says that is a way to share information about these ‘speed traps’ and that the maybe the best way to avoid all of this is up the speed limits. I don’t think that will work.  Up the limits and I am sure it will up the speed of speeders. To me, that is not a good idea.

As for the reaction that the police just do this to increase their local dollars.  It is my understanding that when a ticket is paid, the money goes to the state.

Be honest, even if you do not see a speed limit sign, we can guess about how fast we should be going. Personally, I do not have a problem with ‘speed traps’, the best way to avoid them is …yes…slow down!  .

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