Back in the 80s and 90s, when I was a kid, there weren’t that many fair food options.  Cotton candy, candy apples, French fries, those big sausages, and dough boys.  That was about it.

Now, every time I go to a carnival or fair, there’s something new to try!  Most of them thanks to the creative people at the TX State Fair or Minnesota State Fair.

After giving it a lot of thought (and taste testing), here are my top 5 fair foods:

  1. Dough Boys – The sample dough boy. Basically, a BIG, fresh, donut. Lot’s of places have fruit toppings you can put on them, but honestly, I’ve always liked them best with just piles of powdered sugar and a little bit of cinnamon.
  2. Smoked Turkey Legs – These always taste like ham to me (because they’re smoked?) and when I’m chowing down on one, I feel like I’m some medieval peasant.
  3. BBQ – Sometimes you want some with some substance that is not deep fried. Whether you’re looking for ribs, pulled pork or brisket, the fair BBQ places almost never disappoint. Actually, my first fair meal this year was a beef brisket sandwich with this awesome spicy honey BBQ sauce.
  4. Deep Fried Snickers – These are INCREDIBLE! They’re also incredibly SWEET and incredibly MESSY!
  5. Candy or Caramel Apple – While they’re both good, I normally go for the candied variety over the caramel ones. I started eating candy apples when I was really young for kind of a dumb reason. All my cousins and nieces (we were the same age…  DON’T ask) would get cotton candy, but I was afraid of it!  I thought it was real cotton and that I would choke on it.  Ummm…. Yeah.

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