According to The Daily Dot, Fortnite and other video games have been responsible for hundreds of divorces!

Like many video games, despite what my mother used to tell me, Fortnite is great at bringing people together.  First, it's an online multi-player game where you can make new friends from around the world.  On top of that, people who wouldn't normally interact with each other at school or work, bond over discussions about the game.

But, like all good things, Fortnite should be played (and discussed, and dreamed about) in moderation.

Apparently, a significant number of people filing for divorce have sited Fortnite (and similar video games) as the reason for the divorce.  And, it's not just due to neglect.  It's also the money being spent.  According to SuperData, games spent $8.2 BILLION in July of 2018

Back when I was single, I never had this issue.  I was careful to date women who enjoyed watching me play StarCraft and Call of Duty for hours on end.  Or, that's what they told me they enjoyed doing, at least.

My suggestion?  Turn the PS4 or XBox One off and actually spend time with your significant other.  Alternatively, you could just buy an extra controller and let them play, too.

Why do they call it Fortnite?  Is that how long you can play the game before your significant other gets fed up and leaves your a**?

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