Monday and I'm back at work after a bit of time off. I hope all reading this had a great Christmas. Ours went down pretty well, just a few stresses but over all magical.

Vikki got loads of Disney Jr. toys and apparel including 'Doc McStuffins', Mini Mouse and a few 'Sophia the First' items. The boys among a few other smaller gifts got their Xbox 360 they wanted. Now as an adult and parent when it comes to the Xbox 360, I noticed there aren't a lot of games for kids or as Lynn and I put it to the guy at Game Stop, "Where are the Mom and Dad kinds of games?"

The associate who was very nice and helpful after the miscommunication who obviously at first thought we meant adult games rattling off the games listed like the ones in the 'Call of Duty' series. The associate found us an older arcade game CD with a few different games on it but It's funny how video games today target teen and college aged males or dare I say males in general. From as far as I can tell there isn't much out there for people like me who just want a simple game like 'Frogger' or an ATV race type game for example.

Anyway, aside from the dark mysterious world of 'Skyrim' and the the 'Call of Duty Ghost' that came with the system plus a few other games I approved that some parents might not, I just feel like there is a huge void in the marketplace for simple games without worlds or adventure. We bought a Wii system about five years ago and there were just as many games for me (or as I said earlier, Mom and Dad) as there were for the more adventurous soul.

Lynn and I just wanted and still do want games that take 10 to 15 minutes to play. The kind where you get three lives and go until the machine says, "Game Over."

Not to take away from a great Christmas, I just wondered if others felt the same.

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