Over the weekend, I was at the MIKA Trunk - Or - Treat in Manchester.  I've been to hundreds of Halloween events, as a kid and as an adult, and this event is one of the best.  It's well laid out,   The Pushard family do an amazing job with it.  If you have never been, you need to make a point of attending next year.  Either with a trunk or trick-or-treating with the family.

During one of the lulls between groups of people, I had my back turned to the crowd, chatting with some coworkers.

I heard someone yell, "Cooper!"

I turned in the direction of the sound and responded with, "Yo!"

Yeah, it turns out he was scolding his dog, also named Cooper.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first dog I've encountered with the name Cooper.  Clearly, the owner's of those pups have good taste in names.

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