Mother Nature keeps us guessing all the time! Just when you think you've seen it all, you spot a critter that you never knew existed. Last year, Marianne Horan Titterington spotted a bug that really perplexed her, so she decided to share a video of it on the Nature in New Hampshire Facebook page. She asked if anyone knew what this bug is, and described it as a "breadcrumb with legs". What an accurate and hilarious description!

Barbara White Manter
Barbara White Manter

Some folks commented that it could be an ant carrying a bread crumb! In the close up photo above, you can see that the legs are attached to this crumb-like body, so that is not the case.

A Facebook user named Alana Grace Evergreen seemed pretty sure that this critter is something called a lacewing larvae. More specifically, a debris-carrying lacewing larvae. According to Alanna:


"They are extremely beneficial and eat aphids and other pest insects! These are actually sold online for pest control similar to ladybugs, but are better because they're native to north America."

Back in the pre-internet age, if you spotted a bug or animal you had never seen before, you would just kind of shrug it off and move on with your day. Unless you carried around some kind of wildlife encyclopedia, you really had no way of identifying the unknown creature. Now, we have all kinds of resources available at our fingertips! A great one for insects is

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