Let me start by saying I do not usually go shopping on weekend afternoons. So when I ended up at Sam’s Club in Augusta Sunday afternoon around 2…I was a little confused. There was a short line to get in. I had to wait for a cart. I just figured that is what happens on Sunday afternoons. Maybe people looking to get a deal on marked down Halloween candy…doing some early Christmas shopping.

While in the store I did not notice other than there were A LOT of people and no avocados. It is all good…I bought hummus instead.

After I am home, I hop on Facebook, and I guess it was not just me. Others were noticing the same thing. I would assume it was tied to the changes that the State of Maine had said would be coming over the weekend in response to the increase in our COVID-19 numbers.

While some changes were made, they will not change day-to-day life for most of us. But this got me to thinking. Are we headed into a new panic buying situation? I hope not. I have expected it at some point, but I hope that is not the case.

I think we have a few things working for us. One thing is we know a lot more about COVID-19 and how spreads, and the specific things we can do to be proactive in protecting ourselves and others….please wash your hands, don’t touch your face with unwashed hands, you know, basic hygiene stuff, physical distancing, your social bubble…and the mask. Two, manufacturing and supply chains have caught up and have a better idea of MIGHT happen.

Because of those factors…I really hope people can be cool and not go into full-on hoarding mode. I will be honest; I have stocked up on somethings for myself. I also have helped a friend stock up on some items uses, and since he is in a high-risk category and uses delivery services and ME to get his shopping done.

So be cool…even during the really weird and scary part of this pandemic, I
was still able to get into stores for grocery shopping. We have no reason to believe that would change IF we do face more changes.

What did I stock up on? I have few things...beans, lots of spices, a HUGE bag of quinoa, extra cleaning supplies, and yes…I have some extra toilet paper. But in my defense, I have always had an extra stash of toilet paper in my home. I never want to run out of TP.

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