Famous people and their first tweets. Included in the slide show are Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Hanks, President Obama and Conan O’Brien. I’ll be honest, I rarely use Twitter and quite frankly can’t remember my first tweet but I can bring up my first status update on Facebook and you can too. It’s fast and easy.

Login to your Facebook account, click your name, or go on to your profile (not your newsfeed), while on your profile, you’ll see a list of years on the upper right and at the top, it will say "recent." Click on the year you started Facebook, for me it was 2009. After you get into the date, scroll down like you were reading through you feed and eventually you’ll get to the bottom. When you’re as far back as you can go, click more posts (has a date range, dead center of the page) and then again scroll down until you find your first post or status update.

Mine was typed out on February 16, 2009, and it was *Greg Michaels* “ ….is having nachos”

What was yours?

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