By now you've heard about Justin Bieber being pulled over in a rented Lamborghini and arrested for drunk driving and drag racing in Florida. All this while he is still under 21.

Most likely it's been on a much lower scale when it comes to an offense, but when was the last time you were pulled over and what was the reason?

As for me, I was in Wells heading north on I-95 while coming back home from Manchester, NH after going to a Fisher Cats game. It was at about 11:30 pm in May of 2010 and I was allegedly clocked doing 91 in a 65.  Of course I contested it, like I do every ticket, if for no other reason just to give me time but lost.

Six or so months later I went to the York County courthouse and tried to talk it down, but it was a no-go. I had to pay $315 (if I recall) but that was my last pull-over resulting in a fine. I recall one more recently regarding a headlight but that was just a friendly reminder to get it fixed.

So, what's your story?