If you are a T-Mobile customer then you definitely noticed hours of service issues on Monday. Starting around noontime on Monday and lasting for some people until 1 AM Tuesday, there was a major nationwide service interruption affecting T-Mobile customer's ability to place calls and send and receive texts. Additionally, customers from other carriers like AT&T and Verizon were unable to call or text T-Mobile customers.

Now, the reason I say they will likely face fines for this is because of two different reasons. Number one being that the FCC was immediately upset by this and launched an investigation quickly. The second, is because T-Mobile has faced steep fines in the past. As a matter of fact, back in 2004, the wireless giant was fined nearly $18 million for a pair of outages that lasted about 3 hours. This most recent outage on Monday far surpassed the shorter timeline of the one from their previous fine, making it increasingly likely that they will see some sort of repercussion.

While the company may face a backlash from the FCC, there has been no word (yet) on whether T-Mobile plans to compensate customers for the inconvenience.

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