There is a trending story going around about a New York Yankees fan, Andrew Rector, who fell asleep at Yankee Stadium during a game as they took on the Red Sox back in April 2014. ESPN took video of fans in the stands and focused in on him because he was sleeping.  Rector is suing for $10 million for defamation of character. The organizations named in the suit are MLB, New York Yankees and ESPN.

The AL East this year is a snoozer and neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox are lighting the world on fire, but I can't say I've ever fallen asleep in the stands during a ball game. I have fallen asleep in some weird places however, here are my top 5.

1. At my desk at work a few years ago. Because I'm a trooper I went in with a fever and dozed off while uploading American Top 40 or Retro Pop Reunion. I was woken up by an "all page." I was probably asleep 15 minutes.

2. At the Great Falls Balloon Festival three years ago in Lewiston at Simard-Payne Park. I was sitting there with Dylan and Justin on a Sunday afternoon and nodded off for a few minutes. We were waiting for the guy to come and do tethered balloon rides. Lynn was home tending to our newborn at the time.

3. I once nodded off on my way home after working a 12 hour shift 6p-6a at a factory in Portland. I was about three miles from the Auburn exit on 95. Thank goodness for those rumble strips along the side of the highway. All was okay, I woke up and over corrected the wheel a bit, but gained control and continued on home.

4. I once fell asleep at a bus station. It was in a small town and relatively safe place to be, but my guess is people were annoyed as I took up a few chairs to lay down.

5. I once fell asleep with an ex when we were making things happen. I think the sentence says enough. It was 20 plus years ago and well we've both moved on and I haven't fallen asleep at that moment since.

Where is the strangest place you've fallen asleep?

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