Most of us who have been to the store recently have seen things we are not used to seeing here in the United States.  A lack of toilet paper, empty meat coolers, and limits on how much of a certain product you can purchase.

Fortunately, with the exception of a few people selling hand sanitizer, we really have not seen price hikes.

Well, until now.

According to WABI, the price of eggs has jumped 180% in the last month.

Yes, the jump in price is indirectly related to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.  As people are spending more time at home than they normally would, they are spending more time cooking.  And, as a result, they are using more eggs.  A recent survey finds that, overall, we are using 44% more eggs than normal.  The demand is even greater in some places.  Some stores are ordering six times the amount of eggs they normally do.

This uptick in the demand for eggs has caused the price to rise.

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