One of my greatest joys in life is spending time with my kids.  I have three of them: my teenage son, PJ, and daughters Denise and Annie.

Sometimes, it is hard to remember that they're growing up.  It seems like every time I talk to them, they're surprising me with all they know and all they can do.  Every day they learn more about the world.

A few days ago Annie, the almost seven year old, charged at me as I walked in the door to our apartment.  She was talking about a mile-a-minute and dragging me in the direction of our dinning room table.  Clearly, she had something she really wanted to show me.

Her mother kept her occupied until I had a chance to put my laptop bag down and kick off my shoes.  When I was done, she showed me what she was so excited about.

All on her own, she decided that she wanted to help sick kids.  Specifically, she wanted to make a donation to a children's hospital.  So, she took a Quaker Oats canister, cut a hole in the cover, and decorated the outside.  Then, she wrote a letter that opens with "dear radio people".  In the letter, she asked the people I work with to make a donation.

Annie Girl
Annie Girl

After a few weeks, I'll bring the canister home and we can donate the money to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center.  A state of the art facilitym the BBCH ia located at Portland's Maine Medical Center.  It has 116 beds, including 31 Level III NICU Beds, 20 Level II Continuing Care Nursery beds and 8 PICU beds, it is Maine's premier referral hospital, offering services not available elsewhere in the state.

You can learn more about this amazing non-profit HERE

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