For Christmas, I got my wife Madden '18.  She really wanted a game she could play with me, she has no love for "fighting" games, and loves the Pats, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

She played it for just about FIVE MINUTES before she gave it up.  "This is too hard," she said and tossed me the controller.  I can't really disagree with her.  Damn is there a lot that goes into that game.

Fast-forward just about a month.  I decide to give it a try.  I selected BEGINNER, chose SIMULATION mode, and pick the PATRIOTS (of course) as my favorite team.

What I didn't realize, is that the game starts by replaying the most recent Super Bowl.  In this case, Super Bowl 51 where the Pats faced off against the Atlanta Falcons.  And, even though I told it my favorite team was the Pats, it made me be the Falcons.  I went along with it, trying my best to score against the Patriots.

The real reason I feel like a traitor is the fact that I ended up sacking TB12 like five times over the course of the game!

But, you gotta' believe me when I say I am still a New England fan!

My wife had a laugh at my expense...  When she came around the corner and saw me playing it, she yelled out, "Wow, look at you, doing something manly!"

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