Stacy Beverage, wife of Kourtney Sherwood who was fatally shot recently says,

“She was my person. We always said we were each other's missing puzzle piece."

This is according to an article on WMTW.

Sherwood was pulled over by a trooper on Monday with Maine State Police and as a result, she allegedly received a summons for driving without a license, along with another summons that she was unaware of.

According to Beverage, the Trooper left and Sherwood sat parked on the side of the road.

Beverage remarked that her wife also a mother of three, has been struggling with mental illness for some time and was attempting to work through those issues.

“When she was clearly in distress on the side of the road, we could have avoided all this,”

says, Beverage 

She said she was on the phone with Sherwood and knew her wife was in crisis.

Beverage says she made a call to the Topsham Police due to her wife making suicidal statements, in addition she says she made the police aware that her wife may also have a gun in the car. She then says she asked if she could come to the scene to attempt to calm things down.

According to Beverage, the police told her she couldn't come to the scene because the roads were closed off and they had a dozen cruisers surrounding Sherwood.

Sherwood was then shot by officer Mathew Bowers by a single round, according to Topsham Police and died on Tuesday.

The Topsham Police put out a press release stating that Sherwood made

"threatening statements and there was an armed confrontation"

Below is the entire press release.

Topsham Police Department via Facebook
Topsham Police Department via Facebook

There has been multiple requests for clarity on the situation that took place asking if that meant she did in fact have a gun or not.

Beverage says that she does not understand what happened because they will not tell her and she adds that she isn't debating against what they said happened but she doesn't think it should have escalated to that point.

This case is now part of the "23 deadly force" cases, most recent open investigation for the Maine Office of the Attorney General.

Beveridge says she wants answers immediately. She also said,

“Had she felt like she could have gone to the hospital, that is what she would have done. None of this would have happened,”

The office who shot and killed Ms. Sherwood, Officer Bowers, as is customary, is on administrative leave while the state Attorney General's Office Investigates.

We will continue to follow this story.

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