If there is one thing that you can count on in Maine, it’s perseverance and blueberries.

Nestled in the quaint fields of Columbia Falls, Maine is a roadside attraction that offers a heaping helping of both….Wild Blueberry Land! It is certainly like no other a giant, blueberry-shaped bakery. But it doesn’t stop there! Wild Blueberry Land is a theme park in a sense that it boasts seven acres of blueberry patches, marine buoys painted to look like super-sized blueberries, and a blueberry-themed mini-golf course. Oh, and if you win your round of mini-golf? You get to pick a free vegetable from one of the garden patches placed around the course.


You can also pick your own pail of the delicious berries, or pick up a homemade pie, turnover, or other berry-filled sweets in the bakery. The bakery shares space in the blueberry dome with a gift shop, which isn’t currently open due to covid-19 rules but they do hope to open the gift shop as soon as they can by law.

This unique place was built in 2001 by Dell and Marie Emerson. Dell is a former researcher at the University of Maine’s blueberry farm, and Marie is an award-winning chef – a match made in berry heaven. The couple built Wild Blueberry Land intending to preserve the environment and promote the success of small-family farming, while also educating visitors about the history, diversity, and health benefits of Maine’s blueberries. Now, Marie says that the blueberry-shaped building has its own cult following!

In keeping with the theme, everything you see in Wild Blueberry Land is painted a vibrant blue color. So, while Wild Blueberry Land is open seasonally, tourists pull off the road even in the snowy winter months to take pictures of the berry-themed park.

So if you are looking for a fun road trip for the family, get the GPS out and head for the corner of Routes 1 and 187, in Columbia Falls…to Wild Blueberry Land!

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