The Fryeburg Fair, Maine's Blue Ribbon Classic, has been the unofficial end of summer (or start of fall, depending on how you look at it) since 1851. The largest fair in Maine, it hosted over 170,000 paying customers in 2019.  Counting non-paying attendees and kids, that pushes the attendance to somewhere north of 200,000.

In completely unknown territory, unless you were around in 1918, we've already seen several iconic New England events canceled or postponed.

This has left many people asking whether or not there'd be a Fryeburg Fair in 2020.

According to David Hastings, a member of the Fryeburg Fair finance comittee, they are planning to hold the fair from October 4th through October 11th.  He explained that they are keeping an eye on the many factors that are currently in play.  Out of respect for the hundreds of vendors and other businesses involved, they plan to make a final decision by June.


For the latest of what's going with the fair, check out their website.

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