When the structured minimum wage increases were announced there were thousands of people that were excited about the news. Most of those were minimum wage earners. On the other end of that spectrum, there were thousands of people who were not nearly as joyful about the news. Most of those were small business owners.

As I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed the other day, I saw a rare post from Rapid Redemption in Windsor, along with an awesome photo.

We would like to take this time to thank our loyal customers. After nearly 12 years of business we are closing our doors permanently on Saturday February 24th. The increase in minimum wage has pushed us to this point. We are so very thankful for all the wonderful people we have met over the years.


It's becoming all too frequent that small businesses have to close their doors because our lawmakers are too out of touch with the local economies. Whether it be the minimum wage issue, the tax issue or workers regulations/benefits issues, the government does a good job at making it difficult to thrive as a small business owner. Rapid Redemption was my favorite place to bring my empties back. Close to home, convenient and VERY fast. According to their Facebook post their final day in business will be this coming Saturday 1-27-18. I would urge you, if able, to do some business with them this week and let them know they've been appreciated in the community!