I love finding stuff that is going on that is just …cool.

This is one of those things.

Snow Art Winthrop Middle School 1, photo MaineUAV.com

The Winthrop Middle School students on March 9 had a chance to take part in an art project in the school’s field.

It is a snowshoe design that reads ‘Winthrop Plays Outside’!

Winthrop has a community effort called ‘Winthrop Plays Outside’ and central Maine is home to snow artist Jason Cote.  Bailey Library in Winthrop even has snowshoes you can check out.   So…ALL these things came together for some swanky snow art.

Renee Nelson and Jason Cote

Jason, who is one of a few people in the WORLD doing this type of art, worked with the kids, did the outline and guided the 200 Winthrop Middle School students in the design.

When I showed up with John from MaineUAV.com to get the photos, it was all done!  It only took the kiddos and Jason a few hours make the design!  Well done!

Snow Art Winthrop Middle School 2 , photo MaineUAV.com