A domestic violence situation in Maine over the weekend has ended with a woman sustaining gunshot wounds and a man dead.

According to WGME 13, the situation unfolded on Lakeview Driver on Sunday in the small Maine town of Waterboro.

WGME is reporting that Sheriff's Deputies from York County, as well as members of the area's SWAT Team, responded to the area of Lakeview Drive on Sunday after getting reports of gunshots from a home.

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Police arrived at about 2 pm on Sunday where they encountered a woman who had an obvious gunshot wound to her shoulder. Police then attempted to make contact with the man inside the home. After multiple attempts to make contact, unsuccessfully, police then entered the home to find the man deceased from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The deceased man has been identified as Jeremy Rideout.

The wounded woman was immediately taken to the hospital where she was treated and released for what are being considered non-life-threatening injuries.

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