I was surprised to see how many people are open to living with ghosts year-round. According to a Haunted Real Estate survey by realtor.com, about one-third of us would do it, for the right price. Me? Count me out!

The survey results were from 1,000 online respondents and showed that 33% of respondents were open to living in a haunted house, 25% might be, and 42% are not open to the idea.

Here are some of the other results:

40% indicated that they need a price reduction in order to choose a haunted home over a non-haunted home,
47% said they would live in a home where someone died
45% said they could tolerate strange noises
39% said they could tolerate strange feelings in certain rooms
20% said they would tolerate levitating objects or the feeling of being touched
28% believe they have lived in a haunted home before

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