Nostalgia, let's talk about it.

Lewiston is the second largest city in Maine with 36,615 people, according to Maine Demographics. I am not sure if that's why it was chosen to be featured on one of the greatest TV crime shows of all time, or not.

But I was today years old when I learned that "Criminal Minds" was filmed in Lewiston in 2019. It aired at 10 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 30 on CBS.

However, they tricked us all when they didn't end up using the images they shot of Lewiston. Instead, they used the city of Bath but talked about Lewiston several times in the episode. The funny thing is that Lisbon Street and Bath's Front Street look very similar.

The episode was titled, "Sick and Evil" and was the 14th episode of the 14th season. The episode was about murders that took place in haunted houses in Lewiston.

We still don't know why Lewiston was the chosen one to be featured, but it kind of wasn't. I remember when this happened and my mom was so happy because she loves "Criminal Minds."

It's so cool to look back and see who or what took place in our beautiful towns in Maine. It's also funny to see how others perceive us and for "Criminal Minds" to shoot a string of murders taking place in haunted houses in Lewiston? Well, that gives you an idea of what these producers had in mind for how to portray us.

Let's uncover more nostalgia and memories together, shall we?

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