I moved into a new house last year, and it was very exciting. The house is on a dead end and is a corner lot. I do know that in the "olden days", let's say the 1950s, neighborhoods were like family compounds. Everyone knew your name and history.

There would be this thing called, "Neighborhood Block Parties."

I kid you not, everyone would make a dish or dessert and meet down at the end of the street or cul-de-sac and have a party. That is the type of block party I had growing up on Sherbrooke Avenue in Lewiston.

Suffice it to say, neighbors were an important part of the nation's culture. I was very unsure of where that culture stood now, but have become reminded of the importance.

I feel as though we as a society have closed off a bit. I am not saying it is a good or bad thing.. But I have noticed that we've become indifferent about making friends. It's just something that has happened, especially since the internet came around when I was younger.

I hear the phrase, "I used to keep my doors unlocked in those days." It's too bad that we're unable to do that now. But, maybe we can get back to a place where we connect more with the people who live next door.

I am certainly going to try now that this beautiful occurrence took place in my life. A married couple, Moe and Gloria, live in the house next to ours. Since we moved in, we've spoken to them a view times. They are lovely people. I would say they were acquaintances until what happened.

Yesterday, my wife, Janelle, was visited by these wonderful people, and they had a special package for us.

This package they had for us was filled with Halloween stuff, three dollar bills folded into little airplanes, drawing books, and a note.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

The thing is, they did not have to do this. They did not have to collect all of these wonderful little treasures to give to our son for Halloween, after meeting us and him only a couple times.

But that is what neighbors do, and I forgot about that. Neighborly love is important. Of course we've all become a bit reclusive and anti-social throughout the years, but remember, connecting with humans and giving them a piece of yourself is what life is all about.

Thank you, Moe and Gloria, for the very important reminder.

Let's be kinder to each other. Start with the neighbors! And let me know what you've done for your street fam on Facebook or message us on our app.

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