According to People, there is now a service that will, for a significant fee, help you select a name for your baby.

Future Perfect was conceived (see what I did there?) by two Chicago women who bonded over their children's unique names.  Macaire Douglas has two boys named Eyan and Jude.  Cara Sullivan has two girls named Reeve and Vaughn

The cost?  The $100 "Riff" package includes a 15 minute phone conversation (to learn about the parents) and a list of 10 suggestions.  For $350, you get a more in-depth questionnaire, a phone call, 10 first name suggestions, 10 middle name suggestions, and more.

Personally, as a parent, I always felt that choosing the names of your children (first and middle) was parent of the fun of being a parent.

Would you use this service?  Why or why not?


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