Hopefully we are now having the last measurable snowstorm of the 2012-2013 winter season. As annoying as it is to shovel and how inconvenient this weather is, it could be a lot worse. I think after this season we need to thank the plow drivers a little for keeping the roads clear. Snow plow drivers both contracted and those who work for the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.)

You hear the beeps of the trucks backing up and the scraping of the street plows driving by but can you imagine how rough it would be if nobody plowed and we were to fight through the streets without these plow drivers? It would be anarchy.

The plow driver in front of you is making your drive safer, so be courteous to them as you look for a way to drive around them.

Lastly, hats off to the plow drivers out there on the roads making everybody’s commute tonight and tomorrow morning that much more passable. As always, keep it here for up-to-date closings, cancellations and delays both over our air and on-line.