Earlier this morning in my Facebook feed I came across some website asking if you were "man enough" to buy feminine products and that inspired this post. Let's have a little fun with this. Are there any items that you refuse to buy or are reluctant to pick up out of embarrassment?

The obvious first thing that comes to mind would be for the guys, feminine products. Yes, like I'm guessing most other guys when I was younger, meaning in my early 20s, I was embarrassed but I still would buy them. Today, I'm not embarrassed at all. The worst part is getting confused by the selection. For example, paper or plastic applicator, brand, size, etc. In the case of pads, trying to remember whether she wanted them with or without wings.

Magazines may be another thing people might be embarrassed about buying and I don't mean the ones that are wrapped in the back row. Although they maybe awkward to buy all the same. I'm thinking mostly about tabloids like the Weekly World News for your grandmother or a teen magazine for your kids.

Condoms of course can make young people blush at the checkout. However I've always been of the mind if you're mature enough to play you're mature enough buy the protection. Embarrassed or not, they're a must.

I also have to add this, a buying teen targeted CDs.  Examples, Katy Perry, One Direction and Justin Bieber. It may be for your kids or maybe not.

I know the last time I was sort of embarrassed, Lynn sent me to Hannaford one Sunday morning to buy whipped cream. That was all. It was for the pancakes she was making that day but just a can of whipped cream at the checkout made me blush.

How about you? Is there something that embarrasses you at the checkout or have you sent your significant other to the store and has he or she refused to get what you asked for out of it being awkward to purchase?