Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Was 25 Years Ago Today
Where were you 25 years ago today? I was probably sitting in class tapping my pencil and looking out the classroom window waiting for the bell to ring. By looking up the day, it looks as though it was a Friday. If you didn't know by this time on March 24, 1989, you would would very soon. Today …
Happy St Patty’s Day!
It’s a day where we all wear green and some people go even more insane than others in attire. Have you guessed, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Many will head out tonight and party with shamrock shades, green top hats and green beer!
The Building Where I Met My Wife is Gone
I'm not sure if it's just a sign of age and time or if I'm just more sentimental than others but today make me sad in a way. It is the most recent building in a long list of places that have either been demolished or revamped that meant something to me. I'm referring to the workplace where I met my …

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