Today marks three weeks since my last cigarette. I do two things when I get a craving or think I want a cigarette. I remind myself of the money-maker, my lung power and I chew a piece of bargain brand 4mg nicotine gum. They say that if you go three weeks doing something new, you’ve developed a new habit. For example, if you go to the gym everyday for 21 days, you’re more likely to continue because of the momentum and new habit. Same thing goes for smoking or something like flossing teeth.

Do I miss smoking? No not really. There is really very little extra time, part of being busy is intentional and part of it is really just being busy. I miss the associations a bit. Those little triggers will fade in time, so ex-smokers tell me. The key is this time I’m trying very hard to not think about it too much. Obviously I am somewhat, I know it’s been three weeks and I’m writing this post. I had a "smoking dream" last night which ex-smokers will know all about.  In my dream last night I was smoking walking through a factory or some other large workplace.

Now, how do you wean off of the gum? It’s an acquired taste, like strong coffee. It tastes like a spicy mint which gives you what feels like heartburn after the first few chews. After some time you begin to like it, maybe a little too much.  You get hooked on the gum just as easily as cigarettes it seems. At some point I have to take the plunge into the cold 50 degree pool.

Last word tonight, I mentioned this in my last post regarding quitting smoking, Tobacco Free Maine is a great resource if you want to become a non-smoker.