You may have read my posts or heard me talk about quitting smoking. Now I'm comfortable with graduating to the next level. Stopping smoking and getting off nicotine are two different adventures in quitting, at least for me. When you go from smoking to the patch or gum you are happy you're no longer smoking and on the path to being a non-smoker but the whole time you're on nicotine replacement you're also thinking, you're really not off of tobacco until you go with nothing.

I'm proud to say the last few days I have been without the gum. The downside, at the same time, I have felt a bit empty like something in my system is missing. I went about three months going as recommended, then I just weened myself by cutting back on the gum until I went one day with just one piece and it made my body and system feel edgy and tense.

I am eating a lot and I find I'm craving foods that aren't the most healthy for me, like fast food burgers, pizza, basically really anything greasy. Anytime you give up something, something else seems to weasel its way in takes its place. Soon I'll trade that for something else like gardening. Okay, maybe I'm not into gardening but it's one day at a time.